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Ysgolion Iach

Ysgolion Iach

Healthy Schools is not just about children and young people, it is about involving the whole community.  It is not just what happens in the curriculum but about the entire school day.  The whole school approach is central to Healthy Schools.  By adopting this approach, schools ensure full engagement with the whole school community and can secure sustained improvements.

There are 10 elements to the whole school approach:-

  • Leadership, management and managing change
  • Policy development
  • Curriculum planning and work with outside agencies
  • Teaching and learning
  • School culture and environment
  • Giving children and young people a voice
  • Provision of support services for children and young people
  • Staff’s continuing professional development (CPD) needs, health and welfare
  • Partnerships with parents/carers and local communities
  • Assessing recording and reporting children and young people’s achievement

Healthy School

Healthy Schools is inteded to deliver real benefits, such as:

  • Supporting children and young people in developing healthy behaviours
  • Helping to raise the achievement of children and young people
  • Helping to reduce health inequalities
  • Helping to promote social inclusion

Rhosafan wants all children and young people to be healthy and achieve at school and in life.  We believe that by providing opportunities at school for enhancing emotional and physical aspects of health.  In the longer term, this will lead to improved health, reduced health inequalities, increased social inclusion and raise achievement for all.